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Top 10 Trending Products For Self-Sufficient DIYers, Survivalists, Hobbyists, And Adventurers

 by Tim Morgan -Fri Oct 09 2020 11:36:50 GMT+0700 (Indochina Time)

Do you enjoy working on your own DIY projects? Are you looking for ways to be more self-sufficient so that you can help yourself and your family prepared before some emergency strikes? Or, you just want to spend some time to learn new handy skills and projects in your alone time? We got you cover!

We have compile a list of helpful and brilliant products that DIYers, preppers, off-grid survivalists, woodworkers, home & garden enthusiasts love! Check them out!

1. Bondic - The Ultimate DIY Tool That Helps You To Fix Virtually Anything

If you ever thought the words, “There’s no way I can fix this,” you need to try Bondic. Bondic is the ultimate tool for people who love to DIY! With Bondic, you can fix virtually ANYTHING fast and in non-toxic way. Also, Bondic empowers even the most un-handy people to become expert DIY-ers.

Bondic works on any surface, including metal, wood, glass, ceramics, plastic and more. Bondic is NOT a glue, so it won't dry out or get sticky and messy! Now you can use Bondic to build the projects of your dream. You'll also be a hero by giving broken things a second (or even 3rd life) instead of throwing them away.

Click Here To Learn More About Bondic >>

2. Power Efficiency - Learn To Power A Home Without Energy Companies

Imagine being able to power your home without energy companies using a renewable energy source that is cheap, easy to build, and easy to move. This constant energy source is not dependent on sun, gas, or wind.

56 year old geography teacher Mark Edwards researched and discovered a power efficiency method that could change the energy world. He created the little-known blueprint which has already helped thousands of DIYers worldwide generate their own energy and stop depending on big power companies.

Armed with new research after his family spent a night nearly freezing from the cold during a blackout, he was incredibly determined to never let that happen again and decided to share it with others by turning it into a program called “The Power Efficiency Guide”.

Learn How To Self-Power Your Home >>

3. Kelvin Tools - The 17-in-1 Multi-Tool That Makes Your Life Hacks & DIY Projects Easier

Need to make a quick fix around the house? Kelvin Tools will help you get the job done FAST! This compact multi-tool doesn’t just look cool – it’s a very well-made everyday tool that includes 17 essential functionalities, letting you quickly handle all the small tasks that always seem to pop up when you’re far away from your toolbox.
If you’re the type to get the job done yourself, you’ll surely end up using at least one of the tools every day!
Includes 17 tools: Hammer, screwdriver, flashlight, liquid level and much more! It lets you effortlessly hammer, screw, measure, tighten, level, find stuff in the dark, and fix anything. Perfect for outdoor hobbyists, stay-at-home moms, handymen, and DIYers.
Replaces $150 worth of tools!
* At the moment, Kelvin Tools is ONLY available in the US
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4. EZ Battery Reconditioning - Dead Simple Trick Brings Any Battery Back To Life

There’s a new way to bring nearly any type of old battery back to life so it’s just like new again. This method works with nearly every type of battery out there, and it’s simple and quick. You can learn it here!

In case you’re wondering, you’ll be able to bring car, phone, and laptop batteries back to life with this. It even works with solar/off-grid, marine, golf cart, and forklift batteries. Plus, many more!
With this recondition battery secret, you won’t have to buy new expensive batteries anymore. You can just recondition your old, used batteries and save a lot of money! The course also covers how to start a battery reconditioning business as a bonus!
Bring Your Dead Batteries Back To Life Again >>

5. Keyzmo - The Tiny 16-in-1 “Key Tool” That Can Take Care Of HUNDREDS Of Tasks

What do a loose screw, a dangling wire, a broken bicycle and a bottle of beer have in common? They can all be fixed (or opened… or repaired… or measured…) with Keyzmo!
This sleek, high-quality multi-tool fits easily on your keychain – yet it’s capable of handling tasks you’d normally need an entire toolbox for. Made from 420 Stainless Steel, it’s perfect for outdoor adventurers, hobbyists, handymen, and anyone looking to be prepared for whatever breaks.
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6. DIY Home Energy - Super Simple Method Lowers The Cost Of Solar Panels By 85%

An underground solar expert from Milwaukee, Wisconsin discovered a simple new way to lower the cost of getting solar panels by up to 85%. He has used this simple method 100s of times already and as you'll see it’s incredibly effective.

His discovery now allows absolutely anyone to use solar at home easily and cheaply. And once you use this, it’s like having your own clean energy, power plant at home. You don’t have to be an electrician, no maintenance is required, and it’s very easy to setup. Over 42,119 people have already taken advantage of this.

Power Your Home Using Solar Cheaply >>

7. MagnetPAL - The World’s Most Useful “Mini Super Magnet” That Lasts A Lifetime

Imagine all the little tricks, life hacks, DIY projects you’ll think of with this! MagnetPALis hailed as the world’s most powerful and useful magnet… and we can see why!
This tiny “super magnet” offers more than 100 uses – from organizing things (it includes a handy loop) to finding studs in the wall to hiding spare keys and more. Your imagination is the only limitation! Most importantly, it’s made with incredible materials that last a lifetime – just think of all the cheap junk you’ll avoid throwing away…
Click Here To Learn More About MagnetPAL >>

8. Ted's Woodworking - The World's Largest Database of Woodworking Projects

If you're a woodworker, you may have realized that finding the right detailed plans to build some custom projects that meet your specific needs can be very difficult. This is among the most common problems woodworkers face today, but luckily for you, this and other related problem shouldn’t bother you anymore.

Certified master woodworker Ted McGrath has set out to share his love of woodworking with the world. He has put together over 16,000 plans with complete A to Z instructions that makes building projects super fast, super easy and super fun! This is a woodworkers dream. It’s like having a master woodworker standing over your shoulder - guiding you every step of the way.

Check Out Ted's Woodworking Plans >>

9. FIXD - This Genius Gadget Helps You To Take Control Of Your Car And Save HUNDREDS On Car Repairs

Let’s face it: Mechanics are out to make money. Some are more trustworthy than others… but why even take the chance when something like FIXD exists? This little device plugs into your car, then tells you what’s wrong – in plain English. Now you can confidently avoid unnecessary trips to the mechanic, take control of your car, and potentially save hundreds or thousands of dollars in repairs!
Click Here To Learn More About FIXD >>

10. Water Freedom System - Know What To When The Disastrous SUPER DROUGHT Hits Us Hard

Chris Burns, a 57 year old farmer living near Fresno City with his wife and 2 daughters, created his own fresh water system after droughts and water shortages forced him to leave hundreds of acres of farm land unplanted.
He set out to create a fresh water generator that was cheap, easy to sustain, and could be used by any family around the world to make safe, clean and cool drinking water out of thin air - meaning no dependency on unreliable water companies.
Armed with new research and getting so many positive reactions from fellow preppers, he was incredibly inspired and decided to create the little-known blueprint which has already helped thousands of people worldwide prepare for an upcoming drought disaster. Watch Chris’s video to learn about the "Water Freedom System" and how it can save you and your family in the event of a catastrophic super drought.
Learn How To Create Your Own Fresh Water Supply >>

BONUS. Xtra-PC - Give New Life For Old & Even Completely Dead Computers

The Xtra-PC is the ultimate cost-saving device that helps you restore your old, broken down computer to like new. Instead of throwing out your old computer to buy new one, you help out the environment by making it into like-new using Xtra-PC!
Just stick the USB into the thumb drive of an old laptop and follow the simple instructions. Before you know it, your old, slow, frustrating computer will be working as well as it was the day you got it!

With Xtra-PC, you feel like you have an entirely new PC at a fraction of the cost! Not to mention that Xtra-PC works even with faulty or missing hard drives, and gives you the opportunity to recover files you thought you had lost forever after a crash. It's like having your own data recovery team in your pocket.

Check Out Xtra-PC >>

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